These days does not take much to push people into financial trouble – divorce, medical situations, loss of a job or even the loss of a part time job, may be enough to put people in financial jeopardy. At the law firm of Lavigne, Mark, Rogers & Bruggeman we pride ourselves in our ability to help people facing these difficult circumstances. The biggest mistake that most people make is not seeking help as soon as possible. At Lavigne, Mark & Rogers we do not charge a fee for an initial consultation as we feel it is very important that people get an understanding of the financial situation that they are facing and learn about the options that they have in dealing with that situation. We may not always be able to solve the problem, but we get great satisfaction from being able to help others in a very difficult situation.

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Perhaps the most frightening financial trouble is that of a foreclosure. People are not only facing money problems but also facing the potential loss of their home. But all is not lost. If we have the opportunity to get involved with the foreclosure early in the process, the homeowner will have a wide variety of options on how to deal with this problem. At Lavigne, Mark, Rogers & Bruggeman we are sensitive to the emotional distress caused by a foreclosure and we will do everything we can to minimize that stress while, simultaneously, trying to solve the underlying problems.

Foreclosure issues and their solutions are too complex to get into much detail at this site but call today to set up a time to consult with one of our attorneys to help save your home.

Sometimes the only way to solve the financial problems that an individual is facing is to file for bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy decision. It is a mix of practical action and emotional distress. It is not an action to be taken lightly but may be a requirement to save yourself and/or your family.

Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will lose your home, your car and all of your personal belongings. In most situations, people will be able to file for bankruptcy and still protect their home and keep their car. This ability is based on a careful review of your financial situation, your income and your expenses. There are different types of bankruptcy and, because of the new bankruptcy laws, many requirements that must be met before filing. At Lavigne, Mark, Rogers & Bruggeman we will make sure that you fully understand what is at risk before we file a petition on your behalf. We will not file a bankruptcy petition unless, and until, you fully understand all the of the ramifications of that filing as well as its future impact on your financial condition.

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Short Sales
Sometimes people find themselves in a situation where they are trying to sell their house but they have discovered there is more debt owed on the property than the property is worth. In those situations the seller needs to obtain the permission of the mortgage holders in order to obtain a release of the property in order to sell it. This requires negotiations with the mortgage holders to obtain the release of the mortgage, while, simultaneously, trying to work out what will happen with the balances that the seller is unable to pay. If the mortgage holder forgives the debt, the seller feels that they have obtained some advantage but they may really be in danger. The IRS considers “forgiveness of debt” to be taxable income and therefore taxes will have to be paid on that amount of money that is forgiven. Sometimes the seller may have to take a note over time to payoff the difference.

At Lavigne, Mark, Rogers & Bruggeman we are very familiar with short sales and negotiating in these situations. It is very important that you let us know as soon as possible if you believe that you will be facing this situation. Responses from the various mortgage companies are not always prompt and that delay may cause further delays in the date of your closing or, perhaps, in your ability to sell the property at all.

If you are facing a short sale situation please call the law firm of Lavigne, Mark, Rogers & Bruggeman and we will help you to not only sell the property but to also try to minimize future costs and expenses to you.